I’m a Londoner who’s escaped to Cape Town.
I used to run a South East Asian shop, but now do Web development for my day job.
In my spare time I like taking pictures of things.
Particularly things like dogs, scooters, and monks.
And monks with dogs on scooters.
And things that other people often consider odd.

I rock a Canon EOS 550D and a lens or two.
I’ve got big love for film and have a large collection of mostly functional, mostly old, film cameras.
The extra work involved in processing and scanning has got me back to digital almost full time for now.

Here, mbdc used to be my main home, but now I live mostly at flickr, where I look for inspiration from photographers who are Actually Good TM.

I also enjoy monkeys, cheese, and cooking Thai food (but not all together).
I do not look at all like Simon Pegg.

Max Barners is just my stage name.

All photos on this site have a Creative Commons Attribution – No Derivative Works license.