more beach

quite similar to this one, i know, but it proves the existence of dogs on the beach.
so i like it.

i have two bugbears with this site.
one, i’m using mt when i really want to be using wordpress because it’s shinier and i like it more.*
two, i feel like the wording with each entry is mostly rubbish**.
i intend to fix both of these properly once i finally settle down and move back to cape town in about a month’s time.

please bear with us during this difficult time.

p.s. laos rocks! think i got some nice nightime shots today.

* – plus, i’ve hacked a lot of php code (playing with forces beyond my comprehension!) with mt to make it do what i want, so it borks quite easily. this will not happen with wp.
** – since we’re running around a lot, i often feel a bit rushed in interweb cafes. like – we’re paying for this time, so i’d better get it done and get out. y’know?

One thought on “more beach

  1. I feel the same about my text entries a lot of the time — it’s hard to come up with something worthwhile *every* day. But at least your rubbish is often funny :)