Sax Appeal

Me and Andrew woke up early (but not as early as the students!) to go and take pictures of this year’s UCT RAG Sax Appeal.
It was very cool – the students were all bouncy and friendly (and awake!).

Here are the shots we picked as the bestest.
Thumbs are linked to bigger versions of the shot.

Andrew’s shots


My shots


Photo stuff

All Andrew’s shots were done on a Canon EOS 300D digi, all mine were done on my Canon EOS 500N film cam (some shots on colour Kodak 400vc, some on slide Fuji Provia 400).
Most of my shots are very documentary and not “arty,” so that’s why they’re posted as a bundle, not one by one.

4 thoughts on “Sax Appeal

  1. nice shots, both. I like the slightly weird colour tone of your shots, they work well given the grey weather. and generally all the shots do a great job of showing what’s going on — and of putting across the appeal. Looks like fun. And some really neat journalistic portraits.

  2. Thanks, man!

    It was a great experience, and I expect I’ll do it again next year.
    There was mention of adding a hip flask to the equipment list… :-)

  3. ah ain’t youth grand;)
    there are some awesome shots here – that shot of andrew’s which has the guy in suspenders and university bokeh in the background is priceless and your 19th, 20th and 23rd shots of great face captures.